Neil Ogden Associates offers a range of business products and services such as website design, website hosting, proofreading, copywriting and audio production.

Low Cost Website Design – Associate Internet Promotions

Do you need your business website designed?  We can help with a simple but attractive template based website to show your business and what you offer to your potential customers.  We specialise in low cost quality websites for small and one-person businesses

We use WordPress to design our websites including designing designing the theme, installing WordPress and hosting and managing the site for you.

Check out Associate Internet Promotionsfor details of all our web design and hosting services.

Web Hosting

Hosting is included in all the websites we design but we can also offer hosting only products.


If you have written sales or marketing material to send out, why not let us cast an eye over it to check for spelling and grammatical errors.  It is very embarrassing if you discover an error AFTER you’ve sent something out!

Writing Services

Are you a company that needs company specific documents and paperwork written?  Maybe an employee handbook or internal forms or maybe instructions for a new product?  We can help with all of this.

Studio 63 Media

We can copy your VHS or SVHS tapes to a computer file, keeping them safe for the future.  Tape will degrade over time so doing this can preserve precious memories and recordings from the past.  We can also copy Sony digital video camcorder tapes (mini size).

We can also edit audio and video.

Get In Touch

So if you want to know more about what we can do for your business – whether it’s a new low cost website, or something that needs proofreading, please get in touch.

You can call us free from any landline phone on 0800 138 3602 (our full UK landline number is 0118 981 9556).

We are also on Skype at ID neilogden

(Please note that we do not want a new phone contract or phone system, we have one landline and no mobile contract and are not looking for a new internet provider.  Please note also that we do not want any web site designer to redesign our webssite.  we can do that perfectly well ourselves if and when needed).