Business Products and Services since 1994

Neil Ogden Associates proves a range of business products and services, but officially started trading in 1994, promoting a range of home publishing titles, and network marketing programs.

Later that year, a home business magazine called Biz Op News was launched and for the following five years was the main product produced by the business.  Alongaide the magazine, a number of business related manuals and publications were published and promoted under the banner of Associate Publications.  This gradually turned into a range of eBooks and electronic publications.

In 1996, the Internet was just starting to establish itself and Biz Op News was one of the first home business magazines of its type to set up its own website.  Later that year, the magazine officially launched “Biz Op News On The Net” as an online magazine and advertising web site. In those days, all the editing and technical stuff was done by a third party, but this proved unreliable and when this third party basically disappeared without trace, the web site business was brought in house, officially launching as Associate Internet Promotions in 1997.

In 1999, due to the pressure of other projects, it was decided to cease the publication of Biz Op News. A new magazine was launched on the Internet a few years later, but unfortunately due to pressure of time and other projects, Home Biz On Line was closed.

Website Design and Management… and more

Nowadays, the business is mostly about the internet, with website design and management the main parts along with taking on specific business projects.   Associate Internet Promotions promoted a system of updating websites that was branded AIP Instant Updater – it was the forerunner to WordPress.  AIP has designed dozens of WordPress based website and accumulated lots of knowledge of how the popular website design platform works.

Neil has successfully studied and passed a Diploma in Proofreading and Copy Editing and offers a range of business services and products to businesses. More details under the business services section of this web site.