We can provide a range of business products and services for you.

Business Products and Services

Do you need your business website designed?  We can help with a simple but attractive template based website to show your business and what you offer to your potential customers.  We specialise in low cost quality websites for small and one-person businesses

We also offer low cost reliable website hosting packages, and if you want a WordPress site, we can install it for you and design your theme.  We can also maintain your WordPress site, keeping your plugins and WordPress version up to date.

If you have written sales or marketing material to send out, why not let us cast an eye over it to check for spelling and grammatical errors.  It is very embarrassing if you discover an error AFTER you’ve sent something out!

Are you a company that needs company specific documents and paperwork written?  Maybe an employee handbook or internal forms or maybe instructions for a new product?  We can help with all of this.

We can also transfer your video tape onto computer for you, perhaps preserving those precious memories on home video. Our audio and video services are branded as Studio 63 Media.

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Web Site Design

WordPress Blog and Design

WordPress Site Management


Extra Resources

Company Paperwork and Documentation